Connecting Assets in a Connected World

Providing solutions to track assets and provide business analytics

Tracking Solutions

High Value Asset Tracking

Automated inventory, movement and location tracking using advanced tracking technologies.

Returnable/Reusable Assets

Automated inventory visibility and control of your returnable/reusable assets.

Yard Management

Define workflows and track trailers in and out of the yard to increase operational efficiencies significantly.

Manufacturing Process Tracking

Equipment tracking in, out, and through a production, maintenance, or repair process.

Inventory Management

Track and manage inventory such as retail clothing, automobile, mobile inventory, and high tech assets.

Supply Chain Management

Complete asset visibility and control from the warehouse to the dock and in the yard.

What our customers are saying...

Container Centralen

“Container Centralen is excited to be working with TrackX and RF Code to implement an RFID-enabled solution to provide improved visibility of our CC racks and contribute to our ongoing commitment to the highest quality of customer service,” said Sonny Costin, president of Container Centralen. “We chose TrackX for its real-world RFID expertise and its comprehensive AssetTrack solution, which will allow our customers to optimize the use of our CC racks and create opportunities for improved efficiency and reduced cost.”

Container Centralen
Juniper Networks

“Initially we set out to provide real-time visibility into the location of our high-value test equipment and receive alerts when these assets move from designated areas,” said Patrick Thurber, Juniper Networks’ director of lab management. “We quickly saw the value in TrackX’s ability to provide a single asset management platform for all of our high-value assets and respective business processes. It was an easy decision to expand the use of TrackX’s solution to support our asset tracking and management requirements worldwide.”

Juniper Networks


Find the right business solution for your enterprise.

Custom IoT Solution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a booming industry connecting humans and machines in ways never before seen.  TrackX recognizes that most organizations do not have experience with emerging technologies such as RFID and therefore would like to have a trusted RFID advisor when questions about the strengths, weaknesses, benefits and costs of an RFID project come into play.  We'll help your team quickly master the tools that will greatly improve the productivity and workflows to realize the benefits of the IoT solutions available, optimizing your investment in the solution. Learn more about our Custom IoT Services →