Optimizing the Value of Enterprise Assets While Reducing the Cost of Ownership

Automated and Simplified by Auto-ID, Industrial IoT, Big Data, and SaaS technologies

About TrackX

TrackX, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:TKX), based in Denver, Colorado, is an enterprise asset management company deploying SaaS-based solutions leveraging multiple auto-ID and sensor technologies for the comprehensive tracking and management of physical assets. TrackX's Global Asset Management for Enterprises (GAME) platform enables the IIoT by providing unique item level tracking, workflow processing, event management, alerting and powerful analytics to deliver solutions across a growing number of industries. TrackX delivers significant value to a growing list of Fortune 500 companies and for customers in industries such as transportation, beverage, brewery, healthcare, hi-tech, hospitality, mining, agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing and government.

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TrackX GAME Solutions

TrackX offers its solutions via SaaS (Software as a Service), but also provides on-premise enterprise licensing. Currently TrackX boasts a growing number of Fortune 500 accounts in a broad range of diverse industries. Our solutions today include: high value asset management, IT asset management, returnable asset management, yard management, mobile inventory management, and reusable asset management.
TrackX’s software solution platform, GAME (Global Asset Management for Enterprises), connects a wide variety of devices and sensors to actively track and gather vital data on the state, location, ownership, and flow of assets and inventory to drive business processes. TrackX’s analytic platform, TrackX Insight, then aggregates this diverse and difficult-to-manage data and presents it in an intuitive, interactive, and meaningful manner. This actionable business intelligence empowers management with the tools to analyze workflows, gain necessary visibility into inventory movements, and make strategic procedural decisions to increase ROI (Return on Investment) and decrease loss and shrinkage.

Highly-Configurable Solution and Multi-Industry Platform

  • All enterprise assets across business functions.
  • Multiple physical locations and organizational assignments.

Extensible, Scalable, and Secure Software Platform

  • Enterprise scalable.
  • Organization- and Role-Based Access Control.
  • Customized workflows, alerts, and processes.
  • Powerful reporting and data analytics.
  • Integration to diverse existing enterprise systems.

Hardware and Device Agnostic

  • Leveraging standard and state-of-the-art Auto-ID and Industrial IoT technologies.

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