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Making the Case for Investing in IT Asset Management


By investing in and implementing an automated asset management solution, companies can profit from 24/7 visibility of the status and location of their IT assets. This control significantly diminishes the potential for stolen, misplaced or mismanaged assets, which means companies can focus their efforts on managing and growing their business, rather than mitigating the damage caused by the inefficient use or loss of IT assets and proprietary information. RFID is the technology of today and the ROI from RFID enabled asset management is materializing quicker than ever. For instance, on average, companies that have invested in TrackX’s GAME platform see a return on their investment within the first 12 months.

A Return on Returnables: How Technology enabled RTI Tracking & Management Provides Value

Millions of returnable transport items (RTIs) such as containers, bins, pallets, racks and kegs move through the global supply chain, providing the most fundamental way in which parts, materials and finished goods reach their destination. However, the inability to effectively track these returnable and reusable assets creates considerable productivity, labor, cost and time inefficiencies. The end result is that companies spend more money purchasing additional logistics assets and hiring adequate labor to manage them.  With TrackX GAME for RTI customers see significant improvements in each of these areas.  

Maximizing Yard Management: How a Flexible RFID YMS Can Optimize Operations and Cut Costs


In a lot of ways a trailer yard at a distribution or production facility is a lot like your backyard: it doesn’t always get a lot of attention compared to what’s inside the four walls, but if you invest some resources in it, it can provide significant value to the entire property. TrackX’s GAME for Yard Management solution marries radio frequency identification (“RFID”) and global positioning system (“GPS”) technologies with the most advanced business rules and processes to automate workflow and events across yard operations, such as the gate/guard shack, shipping & logistics department, yard jockey (i.e. switcher, hostler, spotter, shunt, etc.), dock doors and more. This merging of technologies, coupled with TrackX’s cloud-based platform, offers real-time location visibility and management of yard assets (e.g. trailers, etc.) and operations at a cost that can typically achieve an return on investment (“ROI”) in 12 months or less.

Case Study - IT Asset Management


How an integrated and technology enabled IT Asset Management Solution streamlined and eliminated thousands of work hours.

Case Study - Brewery Management


How an integrated and technology enabled Brewery Management Solution eliminated costly shrinkage and increased turn times significantly.


Introducing TrackX GAME for Yard

Introducing TrackX GAME

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