High Value Asset Tracking

Track and manage all your high value assets whether on or off site, mobile or stationary. Increase security, decrease loss and theft.

Returnable/Reusable Assets

Track returnable and reusable assets throughout your supply chain. Gain visibility into turn times and increase efficiencies.

Yard Management Solutions

Track trucks and trailers throughout the yard. Define workflows to increase operational efficiencies significantly.

Manufacturing Process Tracking

Track equipment in, out, and through a production, maintenance or repair process. Increase operational efficiency, decrease unnecessary labor.

Inventory Management

Track and manage inventory  automatically in real-time and integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructures.  Decrease labor costs, and increase sales.

Supply Chain Management

Track assets and inventory through the supply chain including distribution, warehouse, transportation and logistics. Increase operational efficiencies.

Find the right asset tracking solution for your enterprise.

TrackX understands your industry, business, application, and data needs. Infrastructure with the right design and management capabilities can help you achieve unmatched service levels, reliability and availability in an unpredictable world. Tune your infrastructure for the IoT era and surpass your competition.