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Gain visibility and manage your most valuable assets

TrackX in Use

IT Asset Tracking

Track high value computer equipment on and off the network, increase security.

Mobile Asset Management

Real-time tracking to gain visibility and assign accountability.

Equipment & Tool Tracking

Gain valuable spatial location information in real-time.


Flexible & Scalable

Integrates to existing systems and grows with your business

Increased Asset Visibility

Enables real-time discovery, location, and status of assets

Alert Notification

Provides exception-based email alerts and incident management

Customized Reports

Creates customized and ad hoc reports on asset location, status, history and more

Smarter Business Process

On-demand auditing capability

Dynamic Assignments

Assigns asset accountability and security controls

High Value Asset Tracking Solution

Organizations of all sizes are considering RFID as a compliment to current methods of monitoring and recovering high value assets. The power of RFID automates and speeds up manual processes like finding high value assets, performing inventories and keeping an accurate record of their location, status and condition.

TrackX’s Solution includes AssetTrack software, hardware and services. The solution provides you with technology that can meet both current and long-term needs for real-time high value asset monitoring, eliminate the labor cost and disruptions inherent in manual asset tracking systems, and change as your requirements change.

Why Use TrackX for High Value Asset Tracking?

TrackX's AssetTrack solution integrates with and enhances many companies' existing systems by using RFID and other auto ID technologies to automate and speed up manual processes like asset searches and inventories, as well as recording location, status and condition. AssetTrack provides organizations with real-time data and exception alerts, allowing managers to use the most up-to-date information for their decisions.


Benefits of AssetTrack

  • Enables existing asset management systems with real-time capabilities
  • Quickly locate critical equipment and avoid purchasing new, redundant assets
  • Improved high value asset lifecycle management
  • 1-click, real-time asset inventory of your high value assets right from your desktop



  • Improves high value asset security and adherence to regulations
  • Automates the management of asset maintenance, warranties, repairs, upgrades and billing
  • AssetTrack’s flexibility also allows it to be integrated with or provide RFID capabilities to other systems, and be deployed through multiple hosting options

Customizable Tracking Software



Custom widgets, dashboards, workflows to suit your organization's needs

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