RFID-Enabled, Real-Time Keg Management Solution

Gain visibility and manage your assets through the supply chain loop

Automating with RFID


Inventory Manager

Automated incoming/outgoing processing and security

Increased Asset Visibility

Real-time graphic locating system

Alert Notification

Event alerts for late arrivals, critical shipments and more

Customized Reports

Ad hoc and custom charts and reports

Smarter Business Process

Keg inventory planning and modeling

Dynamic Assignments

Based on real-time changes in the supply chain

Keg Tracking and Management Solution

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that helps brewers automate the process of keg tracking and managing their kegs. RFID tags are placed on the kegs, and at any stage in the cycle, a keg’s status can be checked as it passes through a fixed RFID portal or when it is scanned using a wireless handheld scanner during keg delivery and pickup. TrackX’s AssetTrack software solution processes the RFID scans and then provides brewers with up-to-date information about their kegs, such as:

  • The keg’s last location
  • Which customers have which kegs
  • How long the kegs have been at the customer site
  • Which customers keep kegs the longest (or don’t return them at all)

With AssetTrack, brewers have analytic tools to help them better plan and manage the movement of their kegs. AssetTrack can create custom and ad hoc reports that detail keg movement, status, and cycle time statistics, which helps with planning. Better visibility and planning improves keg control, security and utilization.

Why use TrackX for Keg Tracking and Management?

Brewers can use AssetTrack and RFID to uniquely identify each keg and its contents, and capture important data throughout its journey through the supply chain. Using the cloud-based system, brewers have accurate, up-to-date information and reports on keg fills, status, movement, customer location, returns, keg repair and maintenance.  TrackX’s keg management system is end-to-end (software, hardware and services) and will start providing benefits on the first day. 


Benefits of TrackX

  • 100% cloud-based keg management software
  • Easily configurable software with customizable dashboard
  • Alert feature helps brewers quickly respond to unplanned events
  • Automated scheduling of workflow and maintenance



  • Provides custom and ad hoc reports
  • Automated shipping and receiving
  • Complete, accurate asset history helps remove operational  bottlenecks

Customizable Tracking Software



Custom widgets, dashboards, workflows to suit your organization's needs

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