Returnable / Reusable Asset Tracking

Take control of your assets with unprecedented visibility, control, security and utilization

TrackX in Use

Hotel Asset Management

Save on loss and theft by knowing where inventory is in real-time.

Beer Keg Management

Significantly increase utilization and reduce capital expenditures.

Horticulture Rack Tracking

Complete inventory visibility from grower to retailer and back again.

Bring intelligence to your business

Automated shipping and receiving management
RFID-enabled location tracking
Configurable workflows and exception alerts
Customizable fields and entries
Detailed inventory reports
Deployable to users throughout the company (single or multiple locations)

Returnable/Reusable Asset Solution

The mismanagement of returnable containers, pallets, totes, tanks and reusable assets such as kegs, linens, and towels can have dramatic effects on the time, labor and costs associated with shipping and receiving them. Often the inability to track these logistics assets can cause many problems for companies, including an investment in additional assets, and extra expense for employees to conduct searches, operational bottlenecks or performance of manual counts.

Why use TrackX for Returnable/Reusable Assets?

TrackX's RFID-enabled AssetTrack platform provides a proven, end-to-end solution that includes the software, hardware and professional services to implement a more automated system. By implementing RFID at key tracking points, critical processes and areas of high manual error, our solution can give companies the visibility, control and information to closely manage returnable assets without having to closely monitor them.

AssetTrack also includes configurable workflow and alerting features, giving you the real-time control to fix problems before they escalate and optimize every reusable asset as it travels through the supply chain.

Benefits of TrackX

  • Reduces inbound/outbound trailer bottlenecks
  • Helps build effective yard plans, enforce rules and streamline operations
  • Dynamic task management based on real-time conditions
  • Allows more efficient cross-docking capability


  • Improves utilization of equipment and dock doors
  • Uses real-time yard priorities to assign work to yard trucks
  • Enables immediate reactions to yard alerts through real-time communications
  • Reduces facility, equipment and vehicle down time

Customizable Tracking Software



Custom widgets, dashboards, workflows to suit your organization's needs

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