Complete Visibility throughout
the Supply Chain

Gain visibility and manage your assets through the supply chain loop

TrackX in Use

Yard Management

Define workflows to increase operational efficiencies significantly.

Port Management

Increase security and gain visibility into assets in and out of port.

Transportation & Logistics

Comprehensive real-time analytics to increase your bottom line.


Inventory Manager

Automated incoming/outgoing processing and security

Increased Asset Visibility

Real-time graphic locating system

Alert Notification

Event alerts for late arrivals, critical shipments and more

Customized Reports

Ad hoc and custom charts and reports

Smarter Business Process

Yard planning and modeling

Dynamic Assignments

Based on real-time changes in the yard

The Supply Chain Management Solution

Transportation and logistics assets, such as trucks and trailers, containers, pallets, and racks must be positioned and available to meet the daily operational needs of depots, distribution centers, yards and ports. Without visibility to these assets as they move through the supply chain, companies typically end up misplacing, misdirecting or creating buffers of their assets, which compound the inefficiencies they're trying to reduce each day.

Why use TrackX for Supply Chain Management?

TrackX offers proven solutions to overcome these common asset visibility and inventory management challenges. TrackX AssetTrack supports the entire transportation and logistics shipping and receiving environment by providing the ability to process inbound or outbound assets, quickly locate items, view their attributes and understand their status.

AssetTrack allows customers to proactively plan physical asset activity and movements, monitor and automatically receive alerts of asset movement against planned activity and identify deviations from expected asset location or condition. The end-to-end asset management software is highly configurable, flexible and easily integrated with best-of-breed RFID, GPS and sensor technologies.


Benefits of TrackX

  • Reduces inbound/outbound trailer bottlenecks
  • Helps build effective yard plans, enforce rules and streamline operations
  • Dynamic task management based on real-time conditions
  • Allows more efficient cross-docking capability


  • Improves utilization of equipment and dock doors
  • Uses real-time yard priorities to assign work to yard trucks
  • Enables immediate reactions to yard alerts through real-time communications
  • Reduces facility, equipment and vehicle down time

Customizable Tracking Software



Custom widgets, dashboards, workflows to suit your organization's needs

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