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The data, technology & advice you need
to tackle your supply chains’ biggest challenges

Consumer Goods Tracking

Build Customer Loyalty

Sustainable brands deliver 6% greater returns.

Farm Goods Tracking

Simplify Reporting & Compliance

62% of companies expect regulatory & reporting demands to grow in 2021.

Warehouse Logistics

Improve Partner Collaboration

Highly collaborative companies outperform their peers by almost 2X.

Warehouse Logistics

Grow Resiliency & Efficiency

Manufacturers can expect a 2 month SC disruption every 3.5 years.

TrackX has worked with numerous industry leaders, including:

“The TrackX solution is revolutionary – it changes everything. It provides real control over inventory and saves time.” – VP Logistics, GE Appliances

Activate your environment, social and governance (ESG) programs

Consumers are demanding greater transparency around sustainability. TrackX streamlines ESG reporting and data sharing with consumers, investors, regulators and partners, saving you time and resources.


Consumer tracing & transparency

Environmental control compliance

Automated regulatory audits & reports

Origin and supplier claim verification

ESG Standards (SASB) reporting

Proof of ownership and transfer

Explore TrackX’s customized industry solutions.


Warehouse Logistics


Warehouse Logistics


Farm Goods Tracking

Food Service


Exceed your operating goals.

We know sustainability and system automation isn’t one size fits all and requires significant change management. Over the past 20 years we’ve worked alongside over 50 top tier companies, addressing their biggest asset management and supply chain needs. Our platform is highly configurable and integrates with most backend systems out of the box. Most importantly, we deliver significant business value. Learn more about us.

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Reduction in Shrink Loss & Theft

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Increase in Asset Utilization

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Improvement in Labor Efficiency

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TrackX is on the Cover of CIOCoverage’s 10 Innovative Logistics Solution Providers to Watch 2021 Issue

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