Enter a new era of supply chain partner cooperation.

Supply chain optimization depends on healthy partner collaboration, whether it’s finding efficiencies, tracking returnable assets, or supporting Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) goals.  Without a way to safely and openly share information, cooperation can stall. TrackX Verify solves this challenge with a new asset tracking solution based on transparency and trust.

Lead your supply chain ecosystem’s digital transformation

TrackX and topl have partnered to introduce true innovation into your company and to your partners, with the safety of a proven platform

TrackX is the trusted asset management and supply chain execution platform being used by some of the largest manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, recording billions of daily transactions for companies worldwide. 

Topl is an innovative blockchain solution purpose-built to support customers’ sustainability and ESG.  Topl was founded by a team with deep blockchain and sustainable sourcing experience and backed by some of the country’s leading technology investors. As their customers strive to change the world Topl’s mission is to provide proof of their success.

Business Process Optimization

Today’s customers demand more transparent, accelerated, and automated supply chains, and complex business operators rely on TrackX to support their continued transformation, relevancy and competitive advantage.

Streamline Operations

Increase visibility throughout your supply chain to target points of congestion and inefficiencies. 

Maximize Labor

Remove information gaps so employees can make better, faster decisions.

Reduce Loss & Theft

Through predictive analytics, we can determine the point of loss to stop it before it happens.

Amplify Profitability

Tools, information and business intelligence to achieve critical business goals.

Global Asset Management for enterprises


The GAME platform is the culmination of decades of experience, technology development, business process expertise, and collaboration with our customers.

By simultaneously integrating with automatic identification and real-time tracking technologies, backend systems and business processes, TrackX filters data into operational information that leads to mission-critical business process innovations for our customers.

The Future is Now!

For Fortune 100 enterprises the GAME platform leverages vast amounts of IoT device data to generate meaningful and actionable business intelligence. GAME is the real-time operational execution layer integrated with their ERPs and other systems of record, which otherwise cannot be relied upon for accurate, real-time business intelligence. 

Any Business. Any Technology. Any Industry. ALL assets

TrackX has been successfully installed for Fortune 100 customers across multiple locations, managing millions of assets, and a multitude of business processes.

Technology that generates business value

Existing solutions have fallen short on the promise to effectively utilize IoT technology. The TrackX GAME Platform empowers businesses to take advantage of IoT like never before

TrackX GAME Platform leverages IoT technologies and integrates with your existing business systems to manage asset lifecycle information, automate enterprise asset management business processes, deliver proactive alert notification, and provide actionable business intelligence.

Unlock the value in your technology investment

The value of technology investments lies in converting massive real-time data feeds into operational information that is meaningful to your business

Unlocking Value

RFID is mainstream, IoT is not the future, it’s here. The technology works – prior solutions DON’T.

Powerful technology needs a powerful solution in order to leverage it. Allow us to support you in unlocking the value of your digital transformation.

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Reduction in Shrink Loss & Theft

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Increase in Asset Utilization

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Improvement in Labor Efficiency

Get to Know Us

TrackX and its team of dedicated experts work tirelessly to provide innovative Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions to customers spanning industries from agriculture to high tech and everything in between.  

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Frequently Asked Questions


The goal of enterprise asset management is to optimize the value and utilization of physical assets while minimize the cost of ownership.

EAM is a process methodology that offers value for most industries – from breweries and bakers to construction, data centers and many more. EAM enables companies to track, locate, manage and control assets to generate revenue. Ultimately, EAM provides business intelligence to improve business productivity.


Our focus is to provide a complete solution to customers in diverse industries.  We integrate IoT technologies with our GAME platform and then configure the solution specifically for a single customer, regardless of the industry.

We have broad knowledge regarding process execution and how processes can be changed to improve business efficiencies, and we can react effectively to a diverse set of process issues.

We have decades of experience and knowledge in the asset tracking and supply chain industries and fully understand the challenges that our customers are faced with in addressing their business process needs.

The short answer is any technology. More specifically, TrackX’s software solution platform, GAME (Global Asset Management for Enterprises), connects these IoT devices and sensors to actively track and gather vital data on the state, location, ownership, and flow of assets and inventory to drive business processes.  


TrackX’s Global Asset Management for Enterprises (GAME) platform enables the IIoT by providing unique item level tracking, workflow processing, event management, alerting and powerful analytics to deliver solutions across a growing number of industries. TrackX delivers significant value to a growing list of Fortune 500 companies and for customers in industries such as transportation, beverage, brewery, healthcare, hi-tech, hospitality, mining, agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing and government.