Connect your partner ecosystem

Traditional supply chains are transforming into Networked Supply Chain Ecosystems where all participants  work together towards common business goals.

TrackX serves as your information control panel to connect and collaborate with your supply chain partners.  We empower you with  a reliable, highly configurable, scalable, partner-friendly SaaS-based solution that improves your supply chain processes and helps you and your partners collaborate to grow your businesses, operate more efficiently and deliver on your customers’ needs.

Improve Performance with Visibility & Automation

TrackX is the only integrated end-to-end solution that combines the best technology, analytics and expertise to collect, process and use asset data to drive better results.  Our scalable and customizable platform uses a broad array of RFID, IoT (Internet of Things) and Sensor Technologies to collect real-time, granular data.  Our web based platform provides reporting, analytics and collaboration tools.


TrackX’s Solutions Include:

  • Tracing and tracking
  • ESG and sustainability reporting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Centralized asset management and business intelligence
  • Returnable transport management
  • Workflow automation
  • Remote infrastructure monitoring & management

Meet Your Growing Sustainability Demands

TrackX streamlines and automates Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and data sharing with consumers, investors, regulators and partners, saving you time and resources.

Examples of how clients use TrackX to address ESG challenges include:

Consumer sourcing transparency

Automated regulatory audits and reporting

ESG Standards (SASB) reporting

Proof of ownership and transfer

Environmental control compliance

Origin and supplier claim verification

React faster to disruptions

Now more than ever, Companies are forced to quickly respond to supply chain disruptions. Trackx provides new generation technologies in order to be adaptive, responsive, flexible to issues, wherever in the supply chain they arise.

Be More Transparent with Customers and Partners

TrackX streamlines and automates ESG reporting and data sharing with consumers, investors, regulators and partners, saving you time and resources.

 We know sustainability and system automation isn’t one size fits all. It must be tailored to your situation and requires significant change management to deploy.  For over 10 years, we have served as a trusted adviser to dozens of leading companies, working on-site to deploy customized solutions that will deliver the best results.  Our platform is highly configurable and integrates with most backend systems out of the box.  Most importantly, we deliver spectacular business results.

Trust TrackX, the Experienced Team with Proven Results

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Improvement in Labor Efficiency

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