Smart Container Tracking through the Supply Chain

TrackX News | February 10, 2016

As the Global Economy grows, so too does the need for a technologically advanced system for importing and exporting goods.  Smart containers are a increasingly good way to gain visibility into your containers.  According to a recent article in Supply Chain Digest:

The most common and fundamental problem in transport today comes from the very conveyance of goods in the global supply chain. If one sends goods in an open conveyance, like coal in a rail car, it would be reasonable to expect and difficult to prove that all the pieces of coal that started the journey at origin ended the journey at destination. However, with common shipping containers, there is no problem in assuring the sender and receiver that the all the goods “stuffed” into the container at origin are, in fact, the same goods in the same quantity that arrived at destination and that nothing has been added into the container nor taken out of the container. What we now call smart containers provide an ESI chain-of-custody.


The problem for import/export companies and ports throughout the world is a robust configurable container tracking software platform.  TrackX has the solution that gives full visibility into the supply chain.

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