New “Invisible” Bar Codes for tracking

TrackX News | February 11, 2016

With the Internet of Things growing at a rapid pace, new and unique ways of collecting data are being developed.  Digimarc has recently developed a technology to “invisibly” embed bar codes into images.  These codes are able to be read by readers even though they can’t be seen by the human eye.

…virtually the entire outside packaging of a consumer products item could contain a Digimarc, which would in part encode a field that in effect matches the product’s UPC number. That would mean the code could be read at retail point-of-sale without the cashier needing to find where the UPC code is, as is generally the case today, since Digimarcs would be throughout say the label around a can of soup..

Currently, these codes are being marketed as replacements for QR codes for marketers, or Point-of-Sale codes for readers, but we see this technology as an additional way we can integrate our software to track items even more easily throughout the supply chain.

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