RFID Gaining Traction in Numerous Industries

TrackX News | September 22, 2016

In a world where we all expect technology to play a dominant role in all aspects of business, there are still numerous businesses where large workflows and processes are still handled manually.  An example of this is within a yard environment, or large outdoor areas where trailers are moved in and out for shipping and receiving purposes.  In these situations, many companies still use clipboards and pens to mark trailers in/out and 2 way radios to alert team members throughout the yard.  The process is riddled with errors and inefficiencies and TrackX’s Yard Management Solution is being deployed in various yards throughout the country for Fortune 500 companies.
In a recent article by the Toronto Star titled, “Delta Air Lines introduces tracking tags to combat lost luggage” TrackX’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Aaron Lamkin, was quoted 

Truck entering 2For example, a larger tractor-trailer company could keep better track of its vehicles if each one is outfitted with RFID . . . , especially when they arrive in a giant yard.


Instead of a gate with a guard keeping track of vehicles on a clipboard with paper and pen, the trailers could be quickly found.

As an IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things company, TrackX has numerous additional applications of its software solution.  Other such examples are beverage and brewery, horticulture, chemical containers, and many more.  The possibilities are bound only by the imagination as to what you can track utilizing RFID, GPS and other Auto ID technolgies.  TrackX has the key to actually utilizing this data; its powerful analytic capabilities and the ability to process billions of lines of code in real time to produce meaningful reporting for companies across all industries.

Other examples include keeping track of equipment that is rented or lent out such as beer kegs to bars or even racks that hold flowers for sale in a nursery.

Lamkin cited the example of sending 2,000 racks to a farmer to hold flowers that wind up at a retailer outlet, with no way to track them, or to prove that they weren’t returned.

Install solar powered readers in the farmer’s field, sensors at the company warehouse and retailer, and then people can be accountable for how long they’ve had the items, he said.

Machine to machine communication is growing at a rapid pace, so the ability to bring together this data and interpret it becomes more and more valuable.  TrackX is leading this charge with its cloud-based asset tracking solution. To learn more about the TrackX solution please go to our website at www.trackx.com and fill out a form and one of our representative will be happy to discuss further your project.

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