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Real-time tracking and tracing solutions for the automotive industry.

The automotive industry felt significant supply chain disruptions that originated out of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It has forced many auto supply chain providers to rethink their readiness and response to future disruptions. No longer can contracts be dictated by price alone, nor concentrated in a small number of suppliers or geographies.  Resilience requires information transparency and communication with suppliers, retailers and customers.  Real-time data and analytics are critical to determining your company’s flexibility and response.

TrackX real-time tracking and tracing solutions connect you to your supplier to give you an early warning of disruptions and security around source quality.  TrackX collaboration tools allow you to safely and securely share supply chain data, sales projections, and other key metrics so you and your partners can work together to minimize disruption.

TrackX Benefits

  • Greater resiliency through transparency and real time data
  • Higher customer satisfaction with greater delivery predictability
  • Increased operational efficiency through data-driven process improvement

What We Do

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TrackX consultants work with the customer to design and install a customized tracing and tracking systems using the most appropriate IoT technologies from our supplier network.

TrackX-installed systems automatically track your inventory, work in progress and inventory, wherever they are through the supply chain to help you manage and minimize disruptions and out of stocks.

TrackX provides you and your suppliers with safe and secure data sharing tools to give you greater visibility into upstream activity and potential issues. Verify also validates that the information you receive from suppliers is accurate, reducing surprises and shocks.

TrackX’s Keychain platform aggregates data captured through IoT and uses predictive analytics and machine learning to identify process bottlenecks, inefficiencies and waste reduction opportunities.

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