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Enterprise wide visibility and management of all automotive and warehouse assets.

TrackX’s GAME (Global Asset Management for Enterprises) platform is a turnkey asset tracking and management solution that includes software that utilizes data from real-time tracking technology such as RFID, GPS, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), or other auto ID technology to produce meaningful intelligence for the optimization of business processes.

Automotive assets, such as cars and trucks, part containers, and pallets must be positioned and available to meet the daily operational needs of distribution centers, yards, manufacturing and maintenance facilities. Without visibility to these assets as they move through the supply chain, companies typically end up misplacing, misdirecting or creating buffers of their assets, which compound the inefficiencies they're trying to reduce each day.

GAME supports the entire automotive manufacturing, maintenance, shipping and receiving environment by providing the ability to process inbound or outbound assets, quickly locate items, view their attributes and understand their status. GAME allows customers to proactively plan physical asset activity and movements, monitor and automatically receive alerts of asset movement against planned activity and identify deviations from expected asset location or condition.  Specific asset, product, location, organization, work task, order, and other transaction information can be configured to match customer needs to maintain a full audit trail of IoT events and asset handling details, while workflows, alerts, management dashboard, and reports can be configured and scheduled so that the right people have the right information at the right time.  To extract additional value, the solution is often synchronized with enterprise applications (e.g., warehouse management systems, order management systems, transportation management systems, and financial systems).

Key Values to Automotive Industry

  • Reduces inbound/outbound trailer bottlenecks
  • Helps build effective yard plans, enforce rules and streamline operations
  • Dynamic task management based on real-time conditions
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Manufacturing in process tracking and management
  • Delivery scheduling and confirmation
  • Enables immediate reactions to alerts through real-time communications
  • Reduces facility, equipment and vehicle down time

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