Hospitality Industry

Let your linen and high-value assets work for you while you work to service your customers

One of the largest expenses of hotel room occupancy is operating supplies. Major hotel brands are operating without knowing what the true cost of these supplies are. Some hotels are utilizing on onsite laundry facilities, while others are outsourcing. Both have limited control of their linen and other supplies. Linen inventories are shrinking due to laundry damage, theft by guests and staff and not to mention normal wear and tear. In today’s competitive businesses, luxury hotels and resorts depend on room presentation to raise the guest expectation and gain the competitive advantage.

With automated RFID tracking with TrackX GAME, hotel operators will be able to monitor these movable assets “live” as they travel throughout the property, giving key managers complete control.

Key Values for Hospitality Industry

  • Identify anomalies to increase linen turn times/usage
  • Automatic identification of linen throughout facility
  • Hold outsource laundry service provider and guests accountable to linen return
  • Decrease shrink
  • Improve linen utilization
  • Elimination of manual inventory
  • Improve customer satisfaction by never running out of linen

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