Equipment Rental & Lease Industry

Take control of unnecessary capital expenditures. Optimize the usage of your asset fleet. Increase your revenues and accelerate financial settlement without unnecessary capital injection.

TrackX GAME software solution integrates with Auto-ID technologies to automate tracking of equipment then provides asset owners with up-to-date information about their assets, such as:

  • The item’s last location
  • Which customers have which items
  • How long the items have been at the customer site
  • Which customers keep items the longest (or don’t return them at all)

With TrackX GAME, asset owners have analytic tools to help them better plan and manage the movement of their assets. TrackX GAME can create custom and ad hoc reports that detail asset movement, status, and cycle time statistics, which helps with planning. Better visibility and planning improves asset control, security and utilization.

TrackX GAME solution is end-to-end (software, hardware and services) and will start providing benefits on the first day.

Key Values for Equipment Rental and Lease Industry

  • Automatic scheduling of maintenance/cleaning events
  • Identify anomalies to increase equipment turn times/usage
  • Automatic identification of equipment throughout facility
  • Hold distributor and customer accountable to specific equipment return
  • Decrease line failures due to maintenance issues
  • Increase product quality assurance
  • Decrease shrink
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Elimination of manual inventory
  • Improve transportation/distribution

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