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TrackX, based in Denver, Colorado, is an enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software platform provider leveraging multiple auto-ID technologies for the comprehensive management of physical assets. TrackX’s Global Asset Management for Enterprises (GAME) platform enables the IIoT by providing unique item level tracking, workflow processing, event management, alerts and powerful analytics to deliver solutions across a growing number of industries. This platform creates unprecedented visibility and business intelligence of man-to-machine and machine-to-machine interaction. TrackX delivers significant value to a growing list of Fortune 500 companies and for customers in industries such as transportation, beverage, brewery, healthcare, hi-tech, hospitality, mining, agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing and government.

TrackX’s GAME (Global Asset Management for Enterprises) platform is a turnkey asset tracking and management solution that includes software that utilizes data from real-time tracking technology such as RFID, GPS, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), or other auto ID technology to produce meaningful intelligence for the optimization of business processes. The platform provides real-time visibility and control of all high-value and/or mission-critical assets to help increase asset and labor optimization, decrease shrinkage, adhere to regulatory compliance in many different industries.

GAME was designed to be very flexible and configurable with numerous technology modules to deliver a comprehensive solution built on a single platform. Not only does this give our solutions the ability to be configured differently based on different workflows and use cases, it also enables an enterprise to utilize the platform for many different assets, projects, divisions, etc.

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