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TrackX solutions are built on KeychainTM. Keychain is a cloud-based platform that captures real time data from IoT sensors, RFID and mobile devices and enables reporting, analytics and collaboration through a web or mobile interface.  Keychain combines hardware, software and consulting to insure you achieve maximum ROI from your investment.

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TrackX Collect ™ fulfills increasing demands for granular, real-time data from your supply chain operations.  Use cases include reporting and regulatory compliance, supporting sustainability initiatives and increasing resiliency.  A critical part of your digital transformation, TrackX Collect is a custom designed enterprise-wide IoT device infrastructure that monitors asset condition, location and movement data across your entire enterprise or throughout your supply chain ecosystem.

TrackX Control Tower ™ is a central enterprise asset management platform that lets you take control of your assets to become more efficient and profitable.  This SaaS based platform connects to all of your data collection infrastructure, whether supplied by TrackX or another provider, and the web portal seamlessly integrates with your ERP and other legacy software applications. Use cases include: tracking & tracing, ESG reporting and compliance monitoring, inventory and returnable asset management, planning and analysis and forecasting.

TrackX Verify ™ enables you to safely and securely share verified, real-time information with partners and customers. Verify gives you complete control over the data you want to share and/or keep confidential.   For an added level of trust and security, Verify can write critical data, such as transactions and proof of ownership, to a blockchain that validates that the data provided is accurate and unaltered.

TrackX ESG is the only enterprise asset tracing and tracking solution purpose built to simplify the activation of Sustainability and ESG initiatives. TrackX’s core system collects and analyzes asset data needed to verify sustainability and other claims. ESG automates sustainability reporting with templates that report to regulatory and industry standards, such as SASB or GRI.  ESG lets you set performance objectives and alerts you when issues arise so you can take quick action to stay in compliance with company goals.

TrackX Connect™ allows you to easily integrate TrackX into your other enterprise software solutions. This speeds implementation to under 4 weeks, simplifies training, and increases the reach of your TrackX deployment.  Your subscription includes access to TrackX’s API library.  This lets you connect all monitoring and data collection devices and existing systems so you can get the most visibility and value from your TrackX-powered data collection and analytics.

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