Professional Services

TrackX's Process to Ensure Successful Implementations.

TrackX recognizes that most organizations do not have experience with emerging tracking technologies utilizing RFID and other Auto ID technologies. TrackX's team has decades of combined RFID and supply chain experience. We provide the following professional services:

  • Site Analysis - for companies that are interested in implementing automated tracking solutions, but don't have a fully defined project or roadmap
  • Proof of Concept / Pilot Project - for companies that have an established project but need to prove the technology before rolling out a whole solution
  • Customer Implementation - for companies ready to go forward with an automated tracking project and needing services for implementing and integrating the entire solution

Site Analysis

Do you find yourself realizing you need an automated asset tracking and management solution, but you aren't sure where to start? Do you think RFID or other IoT technologies can provide you with valuable benefits, but you need to define how and where it can best be applied? Do you have a specific purpose for which you want to use RFID or other IoT technologies, but you need to establish the project?

Many companies at one time face questions like these, which is why TrackX offers a comprehensive site analysis service. This service identifies all areas or assets that could benefit from the GAME platform, details the software configurations, hardware and services needed, and wholly defines what your specific implementation would look like, from RFID tag options, to the hardware layout within your building or site, workflows to optimize your enterprise, to business processes that may have to be modified.

More importantly for many companies, the site analysis provides you with a detailed cost estimate of the entire implementation and gives you the information to knowledgably choose how to proceed with your project. While our site analysis service in no way commits you to using TrackX for your implementation, the cost of the service is credited to you if you eventually choose a TrackX solution.

Proof of Concept / Pilot Project

Many companies like the idea of RFID or other IoT technologies, but become overly cautious when they consider the hurdles they may encounter during an implementation. Will the read range be long enough? Will the metal environment pose a problem? How well will RFID really work in my environment? Are there other technologies that might need to be used in conjunction with RFID?

Nothing answers those questions better than seeing RFID or other IoT technologies in action with your own eyes. TrackX's proof of concept and pilot project service provides a miniature implementation in your company's actual environment using the exact tags, hardware, software configuration and business processes that would be used in a full execution. Our experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure that all your concerns and potential issues are addressed and that your proof of concept is an accurate portrayal of a real-life large-scale implementation.

TrackX can also provide you with the knowledge and tools to perform your own future proof of concept projects, making sure you have the ability to convince colleagues, bosses and executives of the merits to take your project to the next step and ultimately bring it to fruition.

Comprehensive yet Concise Customer Implementation Program

We'll help your team quickly master the tools that will greatly improve the productivity gains realized with this new technology, which helps optimize your investment in the solution. The bottom line is that TrackX is responsible for ensuring that your team has the proper tools, solid training, a detailed transition plan and access to TrackX experts and account managers. We don't succeed until you're achieving real results with our solution.

Customer Implementation Program

TrackX's implementation support is unmatched. Our customer implementation program provides you with the knowledge to successfully implement any TrackX product quickly and effectively. The program consists of:

  • Tailored, on-site training
  • Interactive workshops
  • Access to TrackX subject matter experts
  • Responsive account management

The Implementation Roadmap

TrackX is a solutions company. Our experts provide you with the process definition, the hardware, the software and the training required to better track and manage your assets. We do this by creating an implementation roadmap for you that includes:

  • Existing business process review
  • System analysis and solution design
  • Hardware recommendation and configuration
  • Customer training to proficiency
  • Post implementation review
  • System modification and tuning
  • Ongoing support and continued enhancements

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After reviewing your information, we can determine if our solution seems to be a fit, and can then provide you with the information you will need to communicate the business benefits and how you can achieve a return on your investment.