Increase Supply Chain Velocity

Predictive Analytics to plan for fluctuations in transport item capacity

Manage Loss

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The Future is Now!

For Fortune 100 enterprises the GAME platform leverages vast amounts of IoT device data to generate meaningful and actionable business intelligence. GAME is the real-time operational execution layer integrated with their ERPs and other systems of record, which otherwise cannot be relied upon for accurate, real-time business intelligence. 

Automated solutions to increase efficiencies

The TrackX GAME Platform manages multiple IoT technologies and processes their massive data sets into operational workflows, resulting in the greatest and fastest impact possible from large-scale technology investments.


Pinpoint Bottlenecks

By analyzing vast amounts of IoT device data, inefficiencies within the supply chain can be identified in real-time exploiting the captured data to increase productivity.


Automate Workflows

With decades of Supply Chain experience, TrackX helps design automated workflows to fit your business processes and superpowers your organization with real-time insights. 


Engage Partners

Having the ability to hold your supply chain partners accountable for inefficient practices, empowers your organization to collectively support your constituents in the best possible way

Multi-technology deployment

Polaris Industries

Recreational Vehicle Tracking

Leveraging GPS and active RFID tags on its vehicles, TrackX provides critical real-time visibility to these high-value assets as they move not only throughout Polaris’ facilities, but also on test drives, at tradeshows and at other marketing events nationwide.

Supply Chain Velocity

IoT deployments are complicated and data must be accurate and timely. The variability in the types of containers and products, increases the difficulty to track these items utilizing IoT so choosing the right partner is imperative.

Maximize Profitability

Through automated inventory counts, status updates, and predictive supply chain fluctuations annual costs can be decreased significantly.
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All IoT Devices

All IoT devices connected through one platform that not only monitors your entire IoT infrastructure and alerts to any issues with the health and functionality, but also is able to simultaneously ingest all data, from all devices, creating actionable intelligence.

Unlock the Power of IoT

IoT devices produce immense amounts of data, but sifting through that data to focus on meaningful information (status changes, location, ownership) takes experience and a powerful hardware agnostic platform.
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Predictive Analytics

Through automated data capture and predictive analytics, TrackX empowers organizations with the tools to optimize inventory levels to satisfy demand while minimizing stock.

Increase Efficiencies

Through predictive analytics, supply chain fluctuations and seasonal surges can be anticipated leading to massive reductions to unnecessary capital expenditures.
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Blockchain Enabled

Integrating Amazon Managed Blockchain and GAME into your supply chain allows all asset information to be added to a distributed ledger building trust and reducing cost through immutable real-time records visible to “everyone” without requiring a central point of control.

Superpowered SCM

TrackX and Amazon Managed Blockchain together provide unmatched automation and immutable supply chain history.
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Multi-tenant deployment


IT Asset Tracking

The GAME deployment focuses on IT Asset Management (ITAM) and supports more than 115,000 assets, across 16 administrative facilities and data centers.  Tight integration to GEICO’s IT Service Management System allows for unique item level tracking unparalleled in the industry.

Identify, Process, Analyze & Integrate to Maximize Profitability

Learn how name-brand businesses leverage our turnkey IoT solutions to solve traditional supply chain challenges and how our experience applies towards realizing your priority business goals.

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