TrackX GAME for Gate Control

• Control access
• Maintain security.

TrackX GAME for Gate Control is a component of TrackX GAME for Yard Management that provides carrier scheduling and trailer processing tools allowing users to modify trailer information, assign location and update trailer inventory in real-time.  In addition, it integrates with gate control equipment to control access to distribution yard and parking lots, and with display boards to communicate real-time information.

Core Business Processes

  • Trailer Processing on Arrival and Departure
  • Automated Gate House Access Control - Integration with Gate Control Equipment
  • Real-time Information Display - Integration with Display Boards

Key Benefits

  • Reduce inbound/outbound trailer bottlenecks
  • Improve distribution yard and parking lot security
  • Provide real-time information and alert

TrackX GAME is a cloud-based IoT software platform designed specifically to optimize workflows as they relate to enterprise asset management and supply chain functionality.  Whether you are looking for a solution to increase productivity in the distribution yard, looking to optimize the usage of your current transport items, assure your customers of quality product, or prevent the loss and theft of high value assets, Track's GAME has the perfect solution for your business.

TrackX IQ

Configurable to manage business workflows, schedule user tasks, and provide alerts based on business events and conditions

TrackX Edge

Intelligently manages IoT devices connected to the system and controls assets as well as senses their environments maintaining a stable and self-healing network of devices.

TrackX Connect

Communicates to and integrates with third-party business systems providing an opportunity to enable users with invaluable real-time information based on current processes

TrackX Insight

Reporting and analytics component, delivers detailed reporting, KPIs, business intelligence dashboards, and advanced analytics. 

TrackX Mobile

Management and user interface of mobile computing devices inside and outside the network to gain access and provide data for workflows while in the field.

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