We Help You Track, Manage, Analyze, and Optimize the Utilization of Your Enterprise Assets

Having a hard time keeping track of corporate assets?

Do you need to protect your product against decay or theft?

Is asset utilization or return on assets growing as a measure of your operations?

If so, it’s time to consider TrackX as your best choice for Enterprise Asset Management

TrackX GAME solutions manage all of your enterprise assets across multiple locations.

High Value & IT Asset Management

Achieve real-time visibility. Optimize usage. Decrease labor. Reduce loss. Promote security & safety.

Returnable Transportation Item (RTI) Management

Increase utilization. Maintain accountability. Maximize profitability.

Inventory Management

Control quality. Accelerate turn. Reduce shrinkage. Increase customer satisfaction.

Work-In-Process (WIP) Management

Identify bottlenecks. Improve quality. Decrease downtime. Increase Operational Efficiency.

Yard Management

Achieve real-time visibility & task accurate execution. Decrease labor. Promote security & safety. Increase operational efficiency.

Dock Management

Schedule allocation. Optimize utilization. Promote safety.

Gate Control

Control access. Maintain security.

Order Delivery Optimization

Automate delivery scheduling & planning. Track real-time shipping status. Increase customer satisfaction.

About the GAME Platform

TrackX GAME (Global Asset Management for Enterprises) Platform leverages Auto-ID and Industrial IoT technologies and integrates with your existing business systems to manage asset lifecycle information, automate enterprise asset management business processes, deliver proactive alert notification, and provide actionable business intelligence.

Introducing TrackX GAME

Your Trusted Advisor

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a booming industry connecting humans and machines in ways never before seen.  More specifically the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the industrial landscape and how enterprises view their business processes.  TrackX recognizes that most organizations do not have experience with emerging technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth LE, and GPS and therefore would like to have a trusted solutions advisor when questions about the strengths, weaknesses, benefits and costs of an IIoT project come into play.  We'll help your team quickly master the tools that will greatly improve the productivity and workflows to realize the benefits of the IIoT solutions available, optimizing your investment in the solution. Learn more about our Professional Services →

Is TrackX GAME for you?

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